Our faith calls us to do service for others, and our students have opportunities to participate in service as well.

  • Our sixth graders serve as peer tutors for younger students who need extra help with reading and math.
  • We recycle our paper and the 6th graders take care of that.
  • We participate in the parish food drive and often have another collection for agencies in need (pregnancy life center, Our Home, etc.).
  • Younger students have “buddies” who help to take care of them in various activities.
  • Students help with a semi-annual PTO sale of pizzas, subs, and burritos by setting up tables and putting out pizza crusts and burrito shells.  Many of them come with their parents to help make things or sort out products for people to pick up.
  • Student council members use funds from student fundraisers to shop for Angel Tree gifts at Christmas time.