Thank you for your interest in Immaculate Conception School!
We look forward to the opportunity to partner with you in the education and faith development of your child.

If you are new to Immaculate Conception School, we encourage you to contact the school office at 419-586-2379 or Polly Muhlenkamp at to set up a tour or interview to ask questions and be sure that I.C. School is a good fit for your child(ren).  Enrollment instructions are below, and you may begin by clicking on the FACTS logo.






To enroll your child at Immaculate Conception using the on-line application:

  1. Set up your account at the FACTS website.
  2. Once you have an account set up, you can enroll your child by completing “Set Up a Payment Plan,” which will include information about you and for each child who will be attending I.C. School.
  3. As part of the enrollment process, you will provide important information about your child and your household.  More specific directions  are available here, if needed:  DIRECTIONS FOR FILLING OUT FACTS ENROLLMENT INFORMATION
  4. An “immediate payment” of $50 per child is required at the time of enrollment.  $25 will cover the fees FACTS charges and $25 will be applied to your child’s tuition.

To apply for financial assistance from Immaculate Conception Parish:

  1. Beginning with the 2017-18 school year, tuition assistance is available through the Archdiocesan tuition assistance fund, as well as I.C. Parish for all students in grades K-6 who qualify.  If you did not already set up an account, use the FACTS link to do that first, and then select “FACTS Grant & Aid.”
  2. You can provide the information needed for FACTS to assess your financial need.  More specific directions can be found here:  DIRECTIONS FOR APPLYING FOR FINANCIAL AID AT FACTS
  3. The fee for financial aid application is $28.00 and you will need to pay it at the completion of your application.  You will also need to upload appropriate documentation including tax forms and W-2s for the most recent tax year.  If you have a business, farm, or other special circumstances, you may be asked to upload additional information such as tax schedules.
  4. The deadline to apply for diocesan assistance is January 31, with a second round in mid-to-late February.  It is important that families apply for assistance as early as possible.  The deadline for families to apply for financial aid for the parish will be April 1.