Parent Testimonials

“I.C. School’s motto is values for a lifetime, we have found this to be so true.  The family like atmosphere has the older children helping the younger ones and that is priceless to see.  We love that our children are taught to respect and love one another.  Sending our kids to I.C. was one of the best decisions we have ever made!”

~~ Parent of IC 3rd grader and preschooler~~

“Christ-centered education focusing on the needs of each unique child. Best decision and investment our family has ever made.”

~~ Parents of IC 3rd grader and IC grad~~

“My girls love going to I.C. and I love that they love it! It is comforting to know they are getting a great education from educators who truly care!”

~~Parent of IC. 3rd and 5th grader~~

“Our daughter has attended IC School since preschool 1 & will be beginning the 5th grade in the Fall. Her father & I were at odds about enrolling her at a Catholic school as he was not raised in the Catholic faith. He quickly changed his mind and realized what a blessing IC School has been for our daughter. She has grown spiritually, morally, emotionally, & socially all while developing studying skills that will benefit her for years to come. IC offers a high quality education in part because of the commitment of parents, teachers, staff, & parishioners who truly care for the students.”

~~Parent of IC 5th grader~~

“IC school has blessed our family with a place for our children to learn in a environment where they loved and learning every day.  We continue to choose IC school because our kids are thriving and love being at their school! As parents, we know they are safe and learning.”

~~Parents of IC preschool, K, 2 and 4 graders~~

“We are fortunate to have 3 kids graduate from I.C. school. They were well prepared both academically & spiritually for middle school & for life.”

~~Parent of 3 IC grads~~

“I love the family unit that the older and younger students create.  My children come home and talk about how awesome the faith assemblies are each month.”

~~Parent of IC 1st, 2nd, and 4th grader~~

“I.C. combines traditional Catholic values with an outstanding educational experience. They have a strong, developing foreign language program, and the small student to faculty ratio ensures that every child gets plenty of individual attention during class.”

~~Parents of IC 3rd grader and IC grad~~

“I.C. has been a huge blessing for my family. The teachers have been able to customize their daily lessons to each of my children’s strengths and weaknesses.  My children have grown immensely in both their education and their Christian values.”

~~Parent of IC 2nd and 3rd grader~~

“The reason we chose IC School is because it is one big family. We feel like kids are with their family during school, not just before and after school. As a parent, that’s a great feeling to have!”

~~Parent of IC 1st and 4th grader~~

“IC School provides our children with a faith-filled education, and is truly a place that feels like home for our family. Staff take pride in the education of the IC School students, and we are comforted in knowing our children are getting all the help needed for a strong academic profile. While tuition can be a hindering factor for some, our family feels every dime spent for an IC School education is money well invested into our children’s future.”

~~Parent of  IC 5th grader and Preschooler~~

“As parents, one of our top priorities for our children is an authentic, Catholic Christian-based education.  Immaculate Conception School has definitely delivered on that for us!  The school leadership does an outstanding job of creating a culture that is truly faith-based, integrating things like prayer and volunteerism in everything they do.  On top of that, the small class sizes make for a learning environment that’s both safe and tailored to the individual student.  We love our IC School family!”

~~Parents of IC 6th, 4th, 2nd graders, and preschooler~~

“We love I.C. School because it encourages each student to continue to grow in their faith and relationship with God.  I.C. is a close knit family where everyone works together for the benefit of each child.”

~~Parents of I.C. 1st grader and PS1 student~~