Parent Testimonials

“IC has been such a blessing to our family. We are not Catholic and that has not been an issue like I originally feared. Our daughter is learning daily Christian values by being in a Christ centered environment. We are forever thankful for the attention that a smaller school provides. As parents, we always feel informed and connected as we receive emails, notes and text messages often from her teacher and principal. IC is so much more than a school it quickly becomes family!”

~~Parent of I.C. Kindergartener~~


“With our child having hearing loss and speech issues, I like the extra attention she gets in speech and reading.  We’ve seen so much improvement already.

I like that they can pray in school.  I like the overall family feeling the school provides.  IC offers so many extras for the students.  This year they are focusing on the beatitudes and the skits show the kids how to live the beatitudes.  I love hearing Natalie talk about everything she is learning at school and I truly believe she is receiving a quality education with a religious foundation to grow on!”

~~Parent of I.C. Kindergartener~~


“As a parent, I want my children to be good people, as children now, and as they mature throughout their adult lives. And I want them to be happy.  IC school is part of the foundation for them to be both.  They learn of God’s greatest gift- his love for everyone.  My children learn that everyone is special, no matter the color of their skin, their grades, financial class or home life.  And they learn to respect those differences and behave accordingly.  In today’s world, I think that is huge.  They make mistakes, see others make mistakes, and know that it’s OK to make mistakes, learn from them and to try better the next time.  They learn to pray for those in need (and still do every time they hear a siren!) and to be thankful for the things they’ve got.  Not just material things, but truly important things, such as shelter, food and the love of their family and friends.  They learn to be givers, and to help those in need.  They willingly help neighbors with tasks without being asked, and refuse payment when offered- because they know it’s the right thing to do.  Upon hearing about a recent house fire where the family lost everything, they ran to their closets and toy chests to find items to help the family.  They filled 3 large bags in one short hour for the family.  They learn kindness and compassion.

Academically, IC is filled with wonderfully talented and gifted teachers and faculty, who help students in and out of the classroom.  They are interested in each student and really care about the students’ success.  The small class sizes enhance the learning environment, and individual time is available for students who need extra help.  Even the custodians and cafeteria workers know students by name.  I have friends that are teachers in public school, and I am frequently told how they love to have the IC kids in their classes.  They have stated that overall, the IC kids are respectful, have solid studying habits, and are there to learn. Many test into advanced courses when they reach middle school due to the rigorous curriculum in the 5th and 6th grades. And, when I look at the honor roll published in the paper, a large majority of IC graduates are listed.

Students participate in mass and engage in the teachings of the church.  As I sit in church on Sundays, I can easily point out the IC kids- not by their faces, but by their behaviors.  My children have been assigned (or volunteered) to do the readings/petitions, bring up offertory, be song leaders and other various tasks during mass.  And they aren’t even nervous to stand in front of the crowd and read, because they are taught self-confidence, another huge attribute.  Most jobs today require good communication skills and public speaking, and the IC kids begin to learn that at a very early age.

Would my kids learn and exhibit all these skills if they didn’t attend IC?  Perhaps, but as a parent, I want to provide them with every opportunity available to them to help them succeed.”

~~Parent of I.C. graduate and I.C. 4th grader~~


“We moved to Celina from another (Dayton) city. Our children had attended another Catholic school. We    toured IC and immediately felt the sense of community. From the teachers, to the kids & the families, everyone is invested in the success of their children. We have been extremely pleased at the specialized attention each child gets and the way in which the school challenges students. They also have many unique opportunities for leadership and responsibility. Our children have told us that IC prepared them exceptionally well for middle school. It has been worth every penny!”

~~Parent of I.C. graduate, I.C. 6th grader and I.C. 2nd grader~~


“As a very proud graduate of Immaculate Conception, it made sense for me to send my daughters to IC School. Not everyone has the same quick decision to send their children to a private, parochial school so I have some reasons for it.

#1 I asked my Kindergartener what her favorite part of school was. She didn’t say recess, lunch, or any other particular subject. She told me her favorite part of school was her teacher. It says a lot for a child to feel so loved by the staff. I believe the staff at Immaculate Conception is filled with caring, loving people who want our children to succeed.

#2 Academics are obviously a large portion of an elementary school. I know our students are taught a strong foundation of academics for the rest of their life. I have heard from a local citizen and service worker that when she speaks to the public middle and high school,  she can guess what children are graduates of IC. She says they are very well-rounded, have a deeper understanding of material, create meaningful questions and usually have their hand raised with an answer. What we pay in tuition is an investment in our children’s futures. Although it does not take precedence, I feel confident my daughters will make up a portion of their tuition in future scholarships.

#3 They can pray. It means so much to know that God can be a part of their everyday life in school. I understand the separation of church and state, but I am so lucky to have the ability to choose an education with spiritual influence.

The whole school community – staff, students, parents and the church – create a big happy family. I am very proud for my family to belong.”

~~Parent of I.C. Kindergartener and Preschooler~~


” We are so impressed with the family centered atmosphere at IC school.  We transferred into IC school when my children were going into first and third grades.  Despite the amount of thought and reflection we put into our decision to switch our children from the public school system to IC, I was still nervous about the decision.  However, we were all welcomed with open arms, not only by the teachers and staff at IC, but by the parents of all of the children in my children’s classes.

The faith based environment makes such a powerful difference in my children’s lives.  For them, it has now become automatic in how they approach everything!  For example, I recently was considering a job change and was weighing the pros and cons.  My first grader at the time said to me, “Mom, I have prayed about this for you, but now, you must listen with your heart and God will answer.”

I just cannot say enough how much I appreciate this school!”

~~Parent of I.C. Fourth Grader and Second Grader~~


“My oldest son started at the public school when he was in kindergarten.  He absolutely did not want to go to school.  I decided to pull him and put him in at I.C.  He absolutely loved it there and he did so well.  We moved away and he dreaded going to school again.  I.C. was the best option for him — I really wish we had been able to keep him there, but we moved due to my husband joining the military.

When we returned back to Ohio, he was already in middle school, so I.C. was not an option any more.  Shortly after moving back it was time for my youngest son to start kindergarten.  He went to the public school.  It was a fight to get him to want to wake up and go to school.  So when he was ready for first grade, I chose to put him in at I.C.  He loves it so much there.  He talks about so many things and enjoys each minute at school.  The staff at I.C. School are tremendously nice and they go above and beyond.  I plan on enrolling my son at I.C. over and over again.  The atmosphere is so great that I believe every child would enjoy going to I.C.  They would also benefit from going there as well.”

~~Parent of I.C. 1st grader~~