IC School Reopening Plan 2020-21

All Ohio Schools closed for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year by order of the Governor and State Health Director, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  In July, guidance guidelines for school reopening for the 2020-2021 school are being released.  This plan is subject to be modified at any time as new information becomes available, and all plans are being made in cooperation with the Mercer County Department of Health. 

 The Immaculate Conception School Staff believes that the educational, mental health and well-being benefits of having students return to the classroom far outweigh a decision which would keep students isolated at home, and we feel that our plan will mitigate much of the potential risk to our students and staff.   Student and staff safety is very important to us as we plan to reopen.  We do understand that there are situations in which families may have strong concerns or questions regarding the in-person classroom plans which are included in the Immaculate Conception Reopening Plan.  Immaculate Conception will offer a remote learning plan for students in grades K-6  who may be in such a situation, but parents should reach out to Mrs. Muhlenkamp no later than August 1, 2020 to request such a plan, so that we can plan appropriately for this option.  Mrs.Muhlenkamp may be reached at 419-586-2379 or polly.muhlenkamp@icschool-celina.org.

Immaculate Conception School is planning to reopen our school building to students on August 26, 2020.  We plan to be open for a five day a week schedule from 8:20 am – 3:15 pm each day for K-6.  (Preschool 1 and 2 will begin classes on Monday, August 31, and teachers will send letters with specific class assignments for beginning dates.)

IC School will regularly sanitize all areas of our buildings, with high touch points being sanitized more frequently.  Students and staff will have ample opportunities for washing hands with soap and water and using hand sanitizer.  Students will receive instruction on appropriate personal hygiene practices.  Students are permitted to bring their own hand sanitizer for personal use.  (Caution should be taken when purchasing hand sanitizer to be sure it does not contain methanol.)

Face coverings (masks or shields) are required for all staff members.  They are recommended (not required) for students in grades 3-6, but the final decision on whether or not a student wears a face covering is a family decision.  We also request that each student bring a large water bottle to school each day to provide ample hydration throughout the day.

IC School asks all parents to conduct daily health checks on students, and to please keep any child home who is exhibiting signs of illness, including a fever of 100 degrees or higher.  Teachers will also do health checks in the students’ homerooms each day.  Students or staff who have a fever or exhibit other symptoms will be sent home for the day.   Communication will be developed by the Mercer County Department of Health in regards to when a student/staff member is diagnosed with a COVID-19 positive case.  The Mercer County Department of Health will work with IC School to determine the appropriate quarantine protocol. 

Celina City School buses are planning to run their normal routes.  They will ask students to load from the back of the bus to the front and release them from the front to the back to reduce student interaction.  Buses will be sanitized after the morning routes and after the evening routes.   Students will go directly to classrooms upon arrival at school.  If a family would prefer not to have students ride the bus, IC School will work with our families to assist in arranging possible carpools.

Students will be physically distanced in the classrooms.  When they cannot be distanced as well, teachers will move to classrooms to insure appropriate distancing.   Students will have recess and will be expected to sanitize their hands before and after going to recess.   They will also have assigned spots for each grade to play in order to reduce student interaction.  Preschool students will be in pods of 9 students in order to reduce the student interaction.

IC School cafeteria will be serving lunches each day.  Students will have assigned seating that will also be distanced.  Students will be instructed in appropriate policies.  There will be no going back for leftover extras.  All extras will need to be ordered in the morning and will be charged to student accounts.  Classes will have staggered arrival times to avoid too many students waiting at one time. 

Teachers have been learning and will be using Google classroom on a daily basis as the year begins in order to allow students the opportunity to become familiar with the technology and managing assignments in this platform.  This will make any necessary moves to Plan B (half-class pods for AM/PM core instruction with the other half spread out in a supervised study area, working with chromebooks and other materials, and getting special instruction) or Plan C (all remote learning for a period of days or weeks in order to allow for deep cleaning or larger groups of quarantine) much smoother.   Parents will be informed of specifics if and when we move to either Plan B or Plan C

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